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How might we reimagine the future of dining?

Enabling luxury restaurants to provide best dining experience to the diners and better able to manage operations.

My Role

  • User Research
  • User Interviews
  • Journey Mapping
  • Sketching
  • Wireframing
  • Screen Flows
  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • WaiterLITE Concept
  • 3D Prototype


  • WaiterLITE Application - GUI for Raspberry Pi
  • ActionCENTRE Dashboard - Web Based
  • 3D Printed WaiterLITE Shell


  • Mar 2018 - Present



We at woobly wanted to get a clear picture of how our primary users went about discovering the restaurants for their hangout journeys. In order to get a better understanding of their behaviors and motivations, here are some research techniques I used for the redesign.



By performing in-person interviews and conducting surveys, I learnt existing user behaviors for restaurant discovery and management at restaurant side. Some of the learnings are shared below.



I sifted through hundreds of reviews and comments left by users on Google and Restaurant booking Apps , and further categorized them under buckets and highlighted them in terms of importance. This was some crucial feedback that helped me identify various pain points and areas of improvement.



01. Do you wonder what’s exactly happening in the restaurant?

pinIs service up to the mark?
pinHow well is each waiter performing?
pinHow efficiently are we running the show today?
pinAre the diners happy with their experience at my restaurant?

02. The two main reasons for the diners not coming back are

pinService Delays and Poor Service
pinFood quality not upto the mark

03. For restaurants, it is very hard to track the dining experience of the guests in real time.

Woobly does this all by replacing dumb lamps with WaiterLITE on the table for diners and ActionCENTRE for the restaurants.

Synthesis: Journey Mapping

Based upon data from in-person interviews, surveys and user reviews, I organized my observations using a customer journey map.

This helped me expose pain points and areas for improvement in the app along the entire user journey. It also helped spark discussions to help close knowledge gaps and acted as a catalyst for idea sharing and generation between team and stakeholders. Furthermore, I identified various touch-points by intent and task including aspects such as emotions and expectations.



The initial user research uncovered various areas of opportunity & for providing ultimate hangout experience to the diners we required:

Restaurant Side :


woobly aims to help restaurants elevate the guest dining experience, by bringing standardization in service and operations through technology.

X for Y

ALEXA for restaurants

pin WaiterLITE - A digital assistant for waiters & guests
pin A ActionCENTRE Dashboard
pin A Smart Watch for Servers
pin Hangout Kit - A hygiene essential kit for your guests
pin Certified Waiter Training - A unique empathy & etiquette training for your waiters to serve guests

User Side (Diners) :


woobly helps to save your time and energy by making your hangout experience predictable, standardized, personalised & end-to-end.

X for Y

UBER for hangouts

pin WaiterLITE - Your new waiter in restaurants
pin Hangout App - A Mobile application for the diners (Android/iOS)
pin Hangout Kit - A hygiene essential kit to refresh you
pin Smart Valet - Hassle-free check in check out
pin Top notch trained Waiters - Makes you feel like a “muckamuck”

However, for the MVP, We kept in mind the business goals and organizational capacity and decided to enter the market from Restaurant Side only.

and for MVP we only picked up :

pin WaiterLITE - A digital assistant for waiters & guests
pin A ActionCENTRE Dashboard

Goals for MVP



I refined the concept with research outcomes in-line with our business goals and went through a few rounds of iteration using hand sketching to digital prototypes. I also came up with a revised and simplified information architecture that focused on providing hassle free dining experience to the users from restaurant side.


User Journey with WaiterLITE

User Journey with WaiterLITE

(Slide : 00/22)

Waiter map the Device with table

(Slide : 01/22)

Device is ready to use

(Slide : 02/22)

Guests will Check-In

(Slide : 03/22)

Waiter will introduce WaiterLITE to the Guests

(Slide : 04/22)

Guests will intract with the device

(Slide : 05/22)

Guest will Tap on the screen to call the waiter

(Slide : 06/22)

WaiterLITE will change its color to send signal to the waiter for attending the guests.

(Slide : 07/22)

Waiter will attend the guests and close the service call.

(Slide : 08/22)

Waiter giving the food menu to guests as per their request.

(Slide : 09/22)

Guests checking current running deals of restaurant at WaiterLITE

(Slide : 10/22)

Guests using Mobile Charging Feature

(Slide : 11/22)

Guests using WiFi Hotspot

(Slide : 12/22)

Auto Service Delay Alert

(Slide : 13/22)

Manager will come to assist the Guests

(Slide : 14/22)

Waiter serving food to the Guests

(Slide : 15/22)

Guests asking for the bill by tapping on the WaiterLITE

(Slide : 16/22)

Waiter giving bill to the Guests

(Slide : 17/22)

Guest asking for QR code to pay the bill

(Slide : 18/22)

Guest paying by scanning QR code at WaiterLITE

(Slide : 19/22)

Guest providing Ratings for there journey

(Slide : 20/22)

Manager getting the data on ActionCENTRE Dashboard

(Slide : 21/22)

Manager knows everything about the Waiters Performance through ActionCENTRE Dashboard.

(Slide : 22/22)


I sketched countless ideas and brainstormed various possibilities with my product team and created low-fidelity wireframes and prototypes to test


WaiterLITE is a digital assistant for guests that takes over most of the waiter’s tactical functions to improve efficiency and elevate the guest dining experience at the table.

Diners simply interact with waiterLITE for any assistance and based on their interaction the waiters, managers can respond if it requires some action without diners breaking their conversations

WaiterLITE WaiterLITE

WaiterLITE UI Flow

First low-fidelity UI Flow of WaiterLITE

WaiterLITE UI Flow

UI Design

High Fedility Design of WaiterLITE GUI

3D Design of WaiterLITE

WaiterLITE is a smart IoT device which looks like a lamp. During ideation and brainstorming about the WaiterLITE design we observed that :


01. In most of the premium class restaurant they placed a dumb table lamp on the tables which is just to enhance the ambience and mood.


02. In few restaurant we found some mobile powerbank companies are placing there charging devices on the table.


03. There are some tent cards for Reserved Table, Chef Special, Deals, Discounts and so on.

All the above things are taking almost 40% to 60% of table space. So we decided to create a smart device which will replace all the above unnecessary things and will provide all the required information as well.

Hardware Breakdown

WaiterLITE Hardware

Final 3D Renders


ActionCENTRE is the hub to access all the restaurant’s analytics captured through WaiterLITE and intelligently identifies faults and suggests actionable improvements for better guest retention


MLP - Minimum Loveble Product

The Ultimate Solution for Smarter Dining Experience



Solving the Chicken & Egg Problem

We are implimention the MLP in the market (B2B Side - Restaurants). After successfully implimentation of MLP, we will come with our mobile application in year 2022 for B2C (Diners/hangout seekers) and it will solve the Chicken & Egg problem.

Flowchart of B2C App

UI Design of B2C App

Work in progress

Above are the few shots of mobile application and it is not a finalized version.

Hope to update this page in Year 2022